Find top specialists in a smart and simple way

Remote or on-site position? Long term or short term? Single specialist or whole project team? Just decide, FlexiExperts will take care of the rest.

Top experts

FlexiExperts are highly skilled, experienced and reliable.

No bad surprises

FlexiExperts are verified. References and Skills are checked.


Platform is a great opportunity to utilizing best skills in a different context.


It can be hard to find the right expert within the company. Thanks to the Platform you don’t need to reduce your requirements.


FlexiExperts are highly-skilled, therefore helpful from the first moment.

Fresh ideas

Out-of-the-box thinking is often born out-of-the-office. FlexiExperts are the right ones to bring the new ideas and fresh wind.

Everything under control

The costs and rewards are up to you and your requirements. You see, you decide, you give the feedback - it is just as simple as it looks.

Transparency matters

After finishing a project or assistance, every FlexiExpert profile is updated with the job task and feedback from a Client.