How does the Platform work?

Platform is a digital space for connection of FlexiExperts and Clients. Platform is a supereasy tool for onboarding of independent FlexiExperts and acquisition of new work from Clients. Registration is for free; you only pay once Project is completed. Easy, comprehensible, and transparent. Whether you need to acquire more work, if you look for expertise in selected fields, or adding a temporary member to your team. Expertise of FlexiExperts is independently verified by the Platform. Mandating of Projects or FlexiExperts can be performed as quickly as your pace allows and yes, you can do that in less than 24 hours if you find the match. Platform deals with all the rest, from keeping records up to invoicing.

So how it works for Client? Once you register and create your account (for free) you are able to search expertise you look for. You can also post your specific requirements via Project creation where you set your requirements, terms and conditions for cooperation. You are then allowed to either send it to by you selected FlexiExperts or publish it to all FlexiExperts having their profile verified and registered. And then i tis up to you, you select, you mandate. Quickly and from your desk. Work performed by FlexiExpert is then recorded in timesheets which you approve. Once you approve, the invoice is being generated by Platform to you.

And how it works for FlexiExperts? Once you register and create your account (for free), data entered with respect to your expertise will be verified via references you addressed in your registration. You will receive confirmation on your registration once the verification process is completed. Your Platform profile is then activated. Via Platform (in secure area) you will find offers from Clients searching for specific expertise. If any of the Projects suit your profile, you may contact the Client and confirm your interest. The Client may also address you directly if you fit the profile they are searching for. You agree the terms and conditions for the Project specifics, and you may start the work. Your services will need to be entered into timesheets which provide information to the Client on specific work you dealt with during the Project. Timesheets are approved by the Client and you are then requested to issue your invoice to Platform. Once the payment is made by the Client you receive the payment of your invoice.

How do I register as a FlexiExpert?

Registration of a FlexiExpert is super easy and for free. Your profile however will not be activated unless verification process by the Platform is finished. You may register as a FlexiExpert if you have relevant experience in one of the business categories as provided for by the Platform. 10+ years of experience is required as a minimum, however this does not mean you need to be officially in position of selected expertise for this time. What is important is the fact that you really know the field of expertise, you worked in this field for this minimum time, and you are thrilled to this work and want to focus on particular field of yours. Attitude towards your expertise is thus very important in your decision whether to register. Platform-wise, the most important part of your registration is thus the references you select to be contacted. If your referees confirm your expertise, you are most likely to be approved and your profile be activated. If your references do not confirm your expertise, your registration will be denied, you will be however informed about this fact. You have the opportunity to list yourself in expert field in maximum three business categories. The main business category should be however the one, where you see yourself at an expert level definitely. You may select additional business category as well, as sometimes expertise affects more business categories at once. Choose wisely and with due diligence. Reviews of your work from Clients will automatically upload to your profile and cannot be changed due to transparency reasons.

What are Business categories in which the Platform operates and how it works?

Within registration process every FlexiExpert is required to choose at least one Business category for its expert work offered within the Platform (see also How do I register as a FlexiExpert?). There are following broad categories to cover basically all business needs of a general or even specialized company. As an FlexiExpert you are required to choose at least one that will be listed as your main Business category and can opt for up to two additional categories. Once you have decided for your main Business category and you are verified and approved for it within Platform you are granted to 12-month period to test how it fits to your profile and match to Projects listed within. After first 12-month period you will have a chance to change it if you have found a better fit on the Platform. Under very extraordinary circumstances, if there is clearly visible mismatch or mistake of your qualification and main category you may request to change the main Business category even within this introductory period. However bear in mind that your value on the Platform and so as your Profile attractivity will be linked to feedbacks and reviews provided to you by Clients you worked for. Such feedbacks and reviews are always tied to a Business category under which the Project work was assigned. As such, once you change your Business category your credentials will not be transmitted and you will need to build your reputation from a baseline in your new field.

Business categories explained

Management & Executives
Sales Executives, Interim Managers, Board Members, Executive Managers, Start-up Managers & Developers, Start-up Coaches, Agile Coaches, Negotiators, Strategy Consultants, Transformation/Operation Consultants, Investment Consultants, Interim Executives, etc.

Project Management
Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Lean Managers, Change Managers, Agile Managers, Business Analysts, Interim Managers, Business Architects, Program Managers, etc.

Finance & Accounting
Financial Analysts, Auditors, Finance Managers, Accounting Managers, Interim Managers, Investment Consultants & Coaches, Valuation Consultants, etc.

Legal & Regulatory
Attorneys, GDPR Consultants, Health and Safety Consultants, Construction Experts, TELCO Regulatory Specialists, Energy & Utilities Regulatory Specialists, Legal Managers, Health & Pharma Regulatory Specialists, International Arbitration Specialists, etc.

Media, PR, Marketing & Entertainment
Strategy Consultants, Customer Experience Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Media Consultants, PR Consultants, Event Managers, Communication Experts, Content Creators, Designers, Design& Art, Writing & Translations, Art Directos, Brand Managers, Customer Experience Specialists, etc .

Human Resources & Professional Development
HR Managers, Life & Business Coaches, Mentors, Education Consultants, Soft/Hard Skills Trainers, HR Specialists, HR Generalists, HR Supervisors, Personnel Managers, HR Directors, HR Officers, Employee Relations Managers, Safety Managers, Development Managers, Collective Bargaining Mediators & Consultants & Coaches, Agile Coaches, etc.

Compliance, Risk & Governance
Compliance Managers, Risk Managers, Risk Analysts, Interim Managers, Quality Managers, Culture & Integrity Managers, Innovation Managers, GDPR, AML, KYC, Sanctions, Anti-Corruption, Compliance Analysts, Compliance Officers, Compliance Coordinator, Quality Compliance Consultant, Regulatory Compliance Specialists, Environmental Compliance Specialists, Internal Auditors & Investigators, Forensic Experts, Mediators, Collective Bargaining Mediators & Consultants & Coaches, etc.

CSR & Sustainable Development
Corporate Social Responsibility, Consultants and Experts, Sustainability Experts, Support Value Chain Specialists, Innovation Managers, Culture & Integrity Managers, Environmental Specialists, Program Managers, Strategic Philantrophy, Ethics & Culture Specialists, etc.

Procurement & Supply Chain
Purchasing Agents, Operations Managers, Sales Executives, Logistics Analysts, Purchasing Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Manager, Investment Recovery, Distribution, Inventory Control, Manufacturing Supervision, Packaging Experts, Product and Service Development, Quality Control, Strategic Sourcing, Transportation , Shipping & Logistics, Warehouse and Storage, Production, Planning and Expediting, etc.

Back Office & Support
Executive Assistants, Event Managers, Office Managers, IT Support & Management, Executive Admins, etc.

Technology, Analytics & Data
Product Managers, Cyber Security Consultants, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Architects, Data Engineers, IT Support & Management, Executive Admins, etc.

What information of me as a registered FlexiExpert is visible within Platform?

Under your Profile any member of the FlexiExpert Community and so as Clients can see your BIO (About me), your Business categories, your Education – meaning relevant information on your courses, licences, certificates, and other acquirements that proof your expertise and /or specialization. Further on your Profile there is information on your fees ranges and related notes, and the most importantly feedbacks provided to you by Clients you have already worked for. Except for feedbacks all above information are published exactly as you have inserted to your Profile. However in case of Client´s feedbacks such information are added to your profile automatically after completion of any work within Platform. Hence you cannot change, update, or delete them by yourself.

Do I have an opportunity to promote myself as a FlexiExpert?

Apart from general visibility within Platform and the Community in it that is free of charge and display your information automatically by the means of using Platform, there is an option to get promoted on public part of the www.flexiexpert.com landing page. In such a case we will work closely with you and elaborate what information shall be published and for how long. However, such feature is a paid function. Should you be interested do not hesitate to contact us for details and a tailored offer.

How do I register as a Client?

Registration of a Client is super easy. And free of charge unless a Project is assigned and completed via the Platform (see also What is the fee for using the Platform?). Only very basic data are required for registration of a Client itself. Note, that should you upload your company logo in registration, logo will be visible to all participants of the Platform, you can however update your profile anytime. Only after your registration, you will be allowed to enter the Platform content, thus only after your registration you will be able to see and potentially look for your FlexiExpert. Company itself shall have only one profile, however Projects may be assigned by multiple Project owners from your Company. Each Project owner shall have its own Profile associated with the Client – company he/she belongs to. Within their own Profiles they can manage their Projects independently and according to their needs. You only need to let your managers and budget owners know that they have this opportunity and select those, who are eligible to do so.

What are the Platform benefits for FlexiExpert?

There are several benefits for FlexiExperts using the Platform. Platform is not another usual networking nests. You have the opportunity to be visible amongst those who are the best on the market in the selected business categories. We have been there, no time for acquisition, no time for specialisation, no time for business development, bills were always waiting and not asking about what we are best at. Now you have the chance to try it differently. Offer your services, under your terms and your conditions. You can accept or deny. You can stay silent or be superactive. Platform provides a space, the rest is your attitude.

What are the platform benefits for Client?

Looking for specialist and tired of searching through different tools, places, personal connections? Here it is – place where you can find your expert easily. We call them FlexiExperts because they are ready to work, flexible in terms, with their expertise and level of specialisation acknowledged and verified. Whether you need someone to step in for limited time or for a project, whether you need somebody as a substitute for limited time, whether you just need fresh air and head into your team for temporary time, all is here. One space, one click from desired solution. Labour law relations can be burdensome and financially disadvantageous. So why not try it based on specific mandates, for specific time periods. Yes, there is also financial benefit for employers while using the Platform, but honestly, we value more FlexiExperts expertise, their time, their skills and knowledge. And these are rare on the market. So why not to try it?

Am I qualified as FlexiExpert?

If you clicked on this question, we like you already! Yes, we all sometimes have these feelings if we are business-wise (and not only) enough. But seriously. Probably you have the reason why you think you may call yourself an expert. Without trying to sell your experience you will never know. So try it, maybe it will not work but still you tried and only times shows, whether you felt right or wrong. When verifying data of experts who want to register, we, of course, have a specific process to follow but briefly:
(i) If you do certain specific work/expertise for more than 10 years (whether inhouse or independently)
(ii) If you have professional skills, knowledge and capabilities necessary for responsible approach,
(iii) If you are capable to work on your expertise alone (which does not mean that you cannot work in teams),
(iv) If you have at least 10 projects in mind where your expertise was acquired, requested, or you simple work on those because you specialize in certain area, or
(v) If you feel that your knowledge, practice or skills are far more better than „your“ mates
Try it and register!

Who is a Client?

A Client is a person or entity who has open mind in today ‘s world. The Client understands that there are experts outside who can bring added value, even if they lack it internally. The Client searched for specific specialisation in certain business category and looks and wants the best what is on the market. The Client is an entity who, following pandemic, understands that people may have other priorities then being employed. But still the work must be done. And the Client understands it. The Client wants to have the work done, at the best quality it may financially and operationally get. Are you moved? Then you are the Client! The first step is to register.

What are the costs for joining as a FlexiExpert?

Joining is for free. You only pay if you are mandated by the Client via Platform. The fee afterwards is really for FlexiExpert stable symbolic percentage, and it is calculated on the basis of costs of your verification process, your introduction to the client, your onboarding to clients and your presentation on the Platform. You will see the exact amount prior to your Project confirmation, we are transparent as to fees and the only reason why we are not giving you the exact information now, is the fact that we want only those who are active on the Platform to know that it is possible to work without tremendous intermediation fees. If this information is however key to your decision to register, please do not hesitate and let us know personally, we have no intention to hide anything.

What are the costs for joining as a Client?

Joining as a Client does not cost you anything, registration is free of charge. You only pay Platform fee in stable reasonable percentage following completing Projects mandated via Platform. You will however know exact number prior to publishing your Projects to allow you having the Project financially under your control. We value transparency, but we are new on the market, and we must protect this type of information for now for general public. All registered users do have however access to this information prior obligating themselves to any work/service via Platform. We hope you understand. If this information is however key to your decision whether to register, please do not hesitate and let us know personally, we have no intention to hide anything.

What is a Project?

Project is a specific piece of work or service required by the Client to be performed or delivered by a FlexiExpert selected by the Client. Project can be performed remotely or on your site. Project can be a longer assignment or short term one off. Terms and Conditions of a Project are set primarily by the Client in its offering via Platform, by Platform Terms and Conditions and specific agreements made between the FlexiExpert and Client. Projects are principally in Platform business categories. Projects are published via Platform when acquiring talents and expertise. Projects may however be also limited only to pre-selected FlexiExperts. Projects are flexible, so is the platform. However, it is important to note that Project requires certain level of expertise to be provided by FlexiExperts who have more than 10+ years of experience in selected business category. Therefore, we do not accept any low profile or entry level piece of works.

How I as a FlexiExpert can get in touch with a particular Client?

Basically, you can start an interaction with a Client when there is a Project you are interested to apply for. You have an unique opportunity to accompany your application with a personal message (visible only to a particular Project owner) where you can explain why you are the right one for the proposed Project. It works as a short motivation letter and you are strongly advised to always make use of such a tool when applying for a Project.

How billing and invoicing work?

Within a Project Brief a Project owner is required to specify how it will be paid. There are various options, the most common is billing upon completion of the Project. However, the Project owner can choose weekly or monthly billing period or set a specific milestones for billing. One should always keep in mind that each Project work / assignment requires keeping records of provided services and/or work by the means of a Timesheet. FlexiExpert is encouraged to use Timesheet templates provided within Platform. Once a billing period or milestone has been reached FlexiExpert is required to submit the Timesheet for a Client (Project owner) review. Upon Timesheet approval FlexiExpert is entitled to issue an invoice to the Platform. Consequently, the Platform shall issue its invoice to the Client. Once it is settled by the Client the FlexiExpert´s invoice is paid by us (see also How does the Platform work?). Please refer to the Service Terms; full details are described therein.

How does Client feedbacks regarding a FlexiExpert works?

Following your (FlexiExpert) registration, the initial rating will be performed by Blindspot team based on your profile information and references provided on 1-5 average scale. The more relevant and reliable references you provide, better ranking is usually to be received. All such references will be reflected in your rating. This rating will then be automatically recalculated following any future project completion via the Platform. Any project completion via Platform is thus subject to Client feedback. Reviews of FlexiExpert work from Clients are uploaded and recalculated on FlexiExpert Profile and cannot be changed due to transparency reasons, hence you cannot change, update or delete them by yourself. However provided you have any issue related to a feedback provided by a Client, you need to communicate your objections or comments to us directly. Client provides feedback with respect to FlexiExpert expertise, communication skills, and reliability.